Healthy Weight Loss for the Entire Family Module 1: Simple Ways to Cut Thousands of Calories from Your Family's Diet Without Changing What You Eat

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Introducing my revolutionary Healthy Weight Loss for the Entire Family program. Rather than simply being a “quick fix” diet and exercise program, this is a long-term module-based health and fitness re-education program that takes your entire family step-by-step through the process of changing your diet and exercise habits so that you can successfully lose weight and keep it off long-term.

Where most weight loss plans are 12-week programs and only focus on one member of the family (usually the mom), Healthy Weight Loss for the Entire Family is a program that is broken down into several 10-12 week modules, each of which consists of quick and easy weekly lessons on one topic, such as nutrition, exercise or behavior.

In each Module, you and your family will learn about one healthy nutrition, behavior or exercise habit each week and you’ll then have the opportunity to try it out and see how it works for your family. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, no worries.

We are all different and everything in this program isn’t going to work for everyone. In fact, that’s why I designed this program. I am here to show you all of the tools available to help you and your family successfully lose weight and keep it off for life so that you and your family can pick the tools that work for specifically for you and your family.

As a Personal Trainer and busy mom, I understand the unique challenges parents face when it comes to trying to lose weight. After having worked extensively with overweight and obese kids, I understand the unique challenges they face, as well, when it comes to trying to lose weight. I also know that it’s almost impossible for just one family member to achieve successful weight loss if not everyone in the house is on board with the process. That’s why I have developed this program as an all-inclusive program, rather than a weight loss plan for just mom or dad.

What’s great about Healthy Weight Loss for the Entire Family is that it isn’t a traditional diet and exercise program. It explores:

  • the truth about what it takes to lose weight and keep it off long-term.
  • what healthy eating looks like without dieting.
  • how to eat to lose weight regardless of food allergies or intolerances or personal preferences, such as being vegetarian or vegan.
  • valuable, time-saving cooking techniques.
  • new ways to think about food.
  • secrets for success that diet plans and supplement manufacturers don’t want you to know.
  • how to make long-term behavior changes that lead to successful weight loss.
  • less traditional ways to exercise that involve discovering or rediscovering unique activities that you and your family will actually love to do.
  • how to support one another as individuals and as a family.
  • And much more.

I am so excited to share this program with you that I am releasing Module 1: Simple Ways to Cut Thousands of Calories from Your Family’s Diet Without Changing What You Eat. Module 1 is a .pdf download that contains 11 weeks of lessons in 68 pages. And here’s the best part, because I am still developing and fine tuning the additional modules, I’m going to give Module 1 to you for the discounted price of just $10, plus tax.

The only thing I’m asking is for you to give me some feedback, if you get a chance. Let me know what you like about the module, what you don’t like and if you have any questions. That will allow me to further fine-tune the module and the entire program.

Act fast because this deal won’t last long. Once I have completed the entire program, all of the modules will be sold as a package deal and the price will increase. You’ll no longer be able to purchase individual modules and you’ll never be able to have access to them for just $20.

So stay tuned and enjoy Module 1’s 11 week program. In 11 weeks’ time, I’ll have Module 2 ready for you to purchase and then after that, Module 3 will be available.