Roasted Brussels Sprouts

February 10, 2017 Amy 1

I thought I’d never eat Brussels Sprouts again until one day my father-in-law sautéed them on the stove. Not bad, I thought, but then I […]

Brussels Sprouts

Try it Tuesday: Brussels Sprouts

February 6, 2017 Amy 0

Join us as we explore Brussels Sprouts for this month’s Try it Tuesday! Be sure to check out my recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts here!

Out Sick Sticky Note

When Not to Exercise

January 18, 2017 Amy 0

I missed a post this past week because I was out sick. That got me thinking about one of the most common questions my clients have […]

Kiwano or Horned Melon

Try it Tuesday: Kiwano Melon

January 4, 2017 Amy 0

A yellowish orange fruit with a gelatinous green goopy center full of seeds, the Kiwano Melon is one of the most interesting fruits we’ve ever tried. Check […]